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A browser with an incorporated adblocker


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Halo Browser is a simple and convenient browser that lets you access the websites you visit regularly in an intuitive and elegant way. The browser is especially designed for anyone who wants to access online content without seeing any advertisements.

This tool has some special features that make it very different from the browsers you're probably used to. On one hand, every time you open it, you'll see a message indicating the possibility to activate the adblock and thus, avoid all types of advertisements on the pages you visit. On the other hand, you can also avoid loading images, making it much faster to load pages. Avoid seeing ads and photos and access exactly what you want with just two clicks.

In addition to the features already mentioned, Halo Browser also comes equipped with incognito browsing, favorites, bookmarks, browsing history. Ultimately, everything a typical browser offers. This means you can count on having all the benefits of a modern browser, with some extra added features. You can finally replace your current browser and maintain your privacy and safety, while also browsing more quickly.
Halo Browser: A fast and efficient browser for Android

We never get tired of saying it: there's life beyond the big-name browsers. Halo Browser is an interesting alternative for Android that's light, fast, and intuitive and can compete with the market heavyweights in lots of aspects. We review the features and analyze their performance in comparison with the most popular smartphone browsers.
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